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My new Lx 2016

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Congrats on your LX!

The car is an amazing ride :) Did you get a good deal on it?
Hi Fred, 22.400+tx in QC

I would like to add LED headlights but I do not know what model or and it takes
Did you get the 6 speed manual, or the CVT?

How do you like the infotainment system on the LX?
I love the infotainment system , I have an iphone and my wife an android, the android system self I do not like it at all compare to the Apple system , and I chose the cvt transmission that I like
I got a black one too but have steel wheels. Are your wheels factory? They look awesome. I just couldn't bring myself to pay what Honda wanted for upgraded wheels.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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