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Navigation and main display wonky

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I set out on a long trip this weekend and my navigation system failed in my Sport Touring, which has about 10K miles. When I turned it on, my vehicle icon was several miles away from my current location and even after driving for 10 minutes it still recalculated my route based on the false location. It showed me driving through fields and in the river.

I tried restarting the car, resetting the navigation, and even reloading the map with no luck. I ended up using Apple car play for the navigation. When I started the car for the return trip, not only did the navigation act wonky again, the screen only displayed the Honda logo "H" for couple of minutes before the home screen came up, and then became unresponsive to touch and blinked on and off half a dozen times or so.

I couldn't get the Apple car play or Bluetooth to work either, so I drove with my little phone screen and tiny iPhone speaker. I know lots of folks live with that technique, but I paid for the Garmin and Apple car play and want it to work properly. About a half an hour into the trip everything started working again, ensuring that the dealership "could not replicate the problem."

Has anyone else had any of these symptoms and have an idea what is wrong and how to fix it?
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i've read here that other's have had same issues. can't recall if they got it sorted out or not. maybe next time, use your tiny screen on the phone and record what it's doing so at least you can show the dealership what you are talking about.
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