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Navigation replacement from dealer

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I have a 2016 civic touring that i bought in June. Since then I have had the car in the shop almost a month trying to get the navigation fixed. After the second time they attempted to send me home with a broken Nav, I told them to kindly keep it until fixed. They are currently replacing the entire navigation head unit. They have attempted to replace the antenna, restoring the nav back to factory with no luck. My real fear is that the head unit will not fix this problem. Anyone else had any luck with fixing the NAV that would not detect the cars location?
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If your up for it, try speaking with a shop that specializes with automotive audio and video, they might give some insight on this.
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Still working on the dent, they were supposed to call me yesterday and didnt, But trust me THEY WILL fix it.
Fortunately unlike many out there you have a bit of a papertrail going on, on this forum, which can do damage to the brand and even the dealership if they don't follow through and do what's right.

That's the great thing about social media.
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