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I've got a new 2018 Civic SI.
I have done flash tuning in the past on my Harley's as well as tweeking the maps fuel ratio's etc.
The only thing I am really interested in doing on this car is flashing a good all purpose "high performance"
map to the car and drive it. I really won't be adding anything (exhaust, intake etc.) down the road.
From what I understand the motor and turbo are not reaching their potential and a map change can make
all the difference.

I have settled on Hondata FlashPro (CARB). From what I understand this unit get me to where I want to be.

Product Code: FP-16CIVIC-L15T-US

Realistically what kind of performance increase can I expect, HP and torque?
The car is rated at 205 HP and 194 lbs torque now and I have been reading something like
+40hp and +40lbs torque increase??

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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Now is the clutch tranny Etc are all those parts adequate for the extra torque and horsepower?

Also did you upgrade your brakes at all?
The OEM Clutch is good to about the 260-280 TQ range. At which point you should really start looking into an upgrade.

If you just daily the car then you don't have much of a need for brakes. If you intend to get the car on track then I say for sure upgrade the brakes. At the least a more aggressive brake pad compound as the OEM simply cannot take the heat. The OEM rotor and caliper are ok for light use but nothing extreme.
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