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Howdy, I am pretty new to tuning and would appreciate some advice on what the best tune parameters are to put on my 2018 Civic EX hatch. I use Ktuner and have the non-display one with stage 0,1,2 options.

Pertinent info: it has a Spectre intake and I typically run it on 91+ octane. Those are the only mods I have done to it.

Also weirdly enough I had to replace the catalytic converter last year because it was throwing a po420 code for a while and I didn't take it seriously til they told me the inside of the cat was totally disintegrated. All this plus when the weather gets a little cold I get a ton of lights come on the dash like VSA system problem, power steering system problem, hill start assist issue, brake system problem, and something else like those listed but not an engine code itself. I have to use a little hex wrench thing to manually unlock the gear shifter to get it out of park on days like that.

I am the second owner and I do not know if the first owner did anything to it or if they had the same issues.

Currently running a stage 1 tune and it throws P0171 at me every so often after having installed the intake. I took the intake out and put the stock one back in and the code disappeared, but I got cocky and put the spectre one back in and the code comes back intermittently it seems. I was logging it and the AFR says 14.3 or 14.7 and some other forums indicated I need to manually adjust it somehow to make it normal before I feel comfortable driving it. That being said I am not familiar with most of the jargon people use and which parameters/options to adjust and would love and really appreciate some guidance.

Thank you!
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