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my car was overheating and i had the water pump radiator and thermastat changed. It continued to overheat.Well i took my car to a backyard mechanic who is excellent but has ripped people off in past for repairs.Not me yet. He thinks I have money so here goes.He tested the valve compression and found [email protected] 140 psi and 2 that were leaking.I saw the test. He said the valves are bad from #1 wear(105K miles) and overheating (which i had to keep it running to get home x5-7 X) He also said that I needed my head gasket, including where the valves go into it ground down (dont know exact word for what he is going to do and it is not because i am a female) He said the guy charges between $300-400 for this.I asked why the oil was not cloudy and he said the water had not gotten into the engine yet but if it did it would be a lot more work. He said parts would be around $400 .This included 1 head gasket set 2 head bolts 3 top overhaul gasket set . I can get them from mainland and sent to me but that will take 3-5 days and i need my car so in hawaii will be paying about double for parts. He said the metal man will need the head gasket set for seals before he will start grinding the head gasket. He also said iy is overheating due to the 2 leaking valves??? TRUE>?? I had already had the radiator,water pump,thermostat,fans and fan covers replaced. About 3 yrs ago i wrecked it (front end collision) and I remember the mechanic working on it replacing the 1 valve coil.She said it was from the collision. That seems odd to me due to it's location,but what do I know I am a dumb girl.I had not driven the car for 3 years. He also wants 1K for his and his partners time above cost for parts and grinding from george the metal guy. So total will be about $17,00.Does anyone see anything wrong with what he is saying? I mean in cost of parts and george and his labor.He works from home garage so yeah no taxes from me!!! LOL! Anything else I should ask him or look for.. The oil is good and nothing from exhaust that i could see but did not really look for it ,. Would the leaking valve cause the overheating or would the overheating cause the valves to leak? He said both things,but at different times so I did not catch it till I reread my notes.If no water in oil then how can the head gasket be bad or doesnt it always cause water in oil.. Anything will help me from getting ripped offf as I get very angry when I do and this is not a company I can complain about on the complaint web site"rip off's" Thank you in advance and I may be a girl but I do my homework so I do not get ripped off and don't worry about me not understanding something as I look everything up that I don't understand.. Thanx in advance. O and a big one!! Will this stop my car from overheating and what caused it in the first place??.... Also would George really need the gaskets or seal's before he starts to grind the head gasket?? I would think my mechanic would put the gaskets on??? Can someone help me quick as i must go drop my car off if i am using this guy and dont want ripped off..HELP

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What year and model is this car? $1,700 may be too much depending on the value of the car at present.
Is the cooling system losing coolant?
Does it leak externally, like coolant on the outside of the engine, or puddles on the ground under it?
How quickly does it overheat when you drive it?
Is the coolant overflow bottle empty or full to where it should be?
Is there coolant residue around the radiator cap?
Did the backyard hammer mechanic pressure test the cap and the system itself for leaks? It should be able to hold the pressure for an hour or more.
How much were the 2 leaking valves below 140 psi?
Do the radiator cooling fans come on when the car overheats?
How hot is it there now?
Does it overheat when the A/C runs, or anytime?

Also, the two valves may just have carbon build up on them. They really shouldn't be the reason for overheating. The primary reason for having to have the head surfaced would be if the head got warped from being overheated. As long as the head is off of the block, it makes sense to lap, or grind, the valve seats, but this sounds extreme based on your posting. How long did you drive it while it was overheating? If you haven't been putting fuel system cleaner (like Techron) in the gas tank at least on every oil change, I'd try putting a bottle in the gas tank on every other fillup for awhile to see if it helps. Don't know what gas is like out there in the middle of the ocean, but unless it's got a lot of additives (like Top Tier gas), putting fuel system cleaner in on a regular basis would surely help your engine.
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