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After months of waiting I was able to finally get approved for a 10th gen civic. I was driving a 2015 EX that I bought August last year after the dealer lied to me and told me there would be no redesign for 2016.

Due to the negative equity in the 2015 it took me a bit to get approved but today I drove off the lost with a blue LX with sensing. I really was interested in the Ex with sensing but the payments were going to be a bit more than I could pay due to the negative. Only things I miss is push button start and not having the siri hands free link. I was under the impression based on what the sales guy told me that it had the Siri hands free but it does not work so I assume he was wrong.

Just wanted to come in, share my happiness and join this board. Hope to learn a bit and help some as well.
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