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New 16 Civic EX-Turbo

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VW Jetta TDI to New 16 Civic EX-Turbo Coupe

As one of the victims of the VW Dieselgate fraud , 2012 VW Jetta TDI Premium, 30,000 miles. I had no choice but to take the VW buyback option. So for the past month I have been looking at a wide ranging list of cars: from the new 2017 Fiat Spyder 124, the Subaru BZR & CrossTrek, (my wife has a Subaru Forester), 2012 MB C -250 Coupe, Mazda C-3, Used Lexus C300, I even test drove a couple of VW models, a GTI and a Jetta SE. I was looking for a car similar in size to my Jetta TDI, good performance, good MPG and a good sound system. I almost bought a Civic in 2012 but it lacked the performance of the Jetta TDI . So I was happy to see that Honda came out with a totally new Civic Coupe with a Turbo. I was drawn by the new design, the performance( not as good as my TDI though) , the up to date electronics, i.e . Apple Play, right side camera view, remote start, etc. During my search all the cars were being compared to the 2016 Civic EX-T and the Civic won out.

I am to be paid $23,633 for my Jetta TDI , I paid $23,750 Nov. 2012. So it was a no brainer, even though I love my TDI, it's performance , size and 35-40 MPG, I could not keep it and wait for the unknown NOX fix. We TDI owners are really sad and upset but I hope to get paid by VW by the end of the year. So I went ahead with my replacement car search so I could pull the trigger when I found a car I wanted instead of waiting until I got the money from VW. I paid $21,999... MSRP $24,775 (Burien,. WA.Honda) for the Civic EX-T with a bridge loan from a credit union that does not require a payment until January. So I hope to be able to pay that loan off when I get my VW payoff.

I look forward to my Civic EX-T driving experience in the years to come. :)



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congrats on the new pickup!

Are you going to be in the market for a tune sometime in the future due to the lack of power? Because it's going to be hard not to go that route with all the people here that will!

Keep us posted on how things go for you.
Congrats, I love the coupe, and that colour looks great.

You guys get different options that we get on our cars from the looks of your window sticker. Enjoy the new ride, you made a good decision dumping the VW at that price.
Wow, VW is losing a lot of money if they're buying back the vehicles at the price they sold it for. Welcome to the forum!

How does the Civic compare to your old Jetta?
Welcome to the forums and congratulations. I as well think it's amazing that they gave you the full price back when they took the V dubz back. That's intense.
Welcome gotta love the EX-T in lunar Silver.


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