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Hey All,

Just wanted to introduce myself. I picked up a 2017 Civic EX-T 6 speed manual a few weeks ago as a DD and love it.

Few observations:
1. The Turbo Engine is great and has a good amount of torque. However, I may want to tune the car to extract some power out of the engine.
2. Rev hang sucks and I need to eliminate it. Hopefully a tune can eliminate it.
3. Flywheel is heavy and even after Rev Hang, the RPMs take a long time to drop.
4. Car needs a proper xenon retrofit kit. Looking into the retrofit source kits.
5. OEM tires aren't very good in the snow. May possibly pickup a set of blizzaks to tank around in.
6. The Tech this car comes with is awesome. My other car, GT4 (aka track toy), gets rocked by the Civic in terms of technology (apple car play, rear view camera, side view camera, etc.)
7. Gearshift lever feels quite nice and pretty precise.

Looking forward to learning more from this forum!



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Nice and welcome to the forum.
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