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New Gaiiiiiii

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Hi all,

Im new. ClubRSX sent a sweepstakes email that asked I join here so here I am lol. Ill likely dink around and try to contribute as well.

I had an rsx-s for about 4 years

(black one)

then it was totaled

Theeeen I bought a BRZ and used the rsx part out money to make it what it is today

Anyhow... thats me.
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I should probably include some more civic-esque material.

Here's a few with some local civic and K-engine groups. Cruises and meets.

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Welcome! any plans to go forced induction for the BRZ? There is a boosted FR-S here, gets close to taking a 2015 mustang 5.0. Not too bad if you ask me.
Thanks guys!

There is a particular kit that has me drooling. Made by Avo. It has a spiffy bottom mount placement and makes a modest 350 on the high end with injectors, pump and E85.

The price is still a little hard to swallow at $~6,500 to get it turn key.

Ive been happy racing it at the local events as N/A though. So maybe someday if I ever do really tire of it. Hopefully those prices come down a bit in the future.

So far I have all the exhaust components replaced besides the intake. I have a K&N panel filter though, eh, good enough. As well as an EMS and a E85 tune. Still cant beat my friends NA RSX's though lol
Great taste in cars! (Wish Honda would bring back the RSX, Integra, S2000, CRX.)

That BRZ is a sweet looking ride! It looks so planted.
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