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New guy from Indy

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Hi all.

New member here and new Civic owner. I picked up my red 2016 Civic Coupe on Tuesday, so far I really like it a lot. A big improvement over the "thrifty yet powerful" 93 chevy c1500 short bed I was driving before.

Before this I'd always been an old car guy. I still have a 68 Plymouth Roadrunner with a 512 BB mopar in it. I drove out to Indy from L.A. in a 64 Plymouth Fury in 2004. That was just what I liked, and I still do, but I was ready for something new. I looked at pretty much everything but at the end of the day the EX-L Civic Coupe just seemed to be the best car for what I wanted.

Looking forward to participating in this group.

Side note, righr before I owned the Fury I had an 84 Civic wagon that was pretty rough when I got it. It ran pretty good though but one day the radiator sprung a leak and it overheated bad enough to kill it.
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We've come a long way from leaky radiators and overheating wagons. Honda;s are generally beasts so I'm sure the new civic coupe will last you years to come. Congrats on the new civic! Any mods planned for the future?

Although that old wagon broke on me, I did like it quite a bit when it was running. I had a big Dobsonian telescope that fit in the wagon quite nicely. It drove fine, and was really good on gas. I was bummed when it broke.

The new Civic is freaking awesome, I love that little car. One of the reasons I bought it was Hondas excellent reputation for building quality vehicles. The fact that it's a two door helped also, it's hard to find a decent two door anymore. I plan on keeping it for a long time, heck I may die before it does, I'm not so young anymore. LOL

No mods planed at the present, but I'll leave that door open.
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