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New Honda Owner '16 LX-P

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Hello X Gen Civic community! New owner of a MY16 LX-P coupe in Aegean Blue here. My first Honda! I'm not new to car forums I'm an active member over at Lotus Talk which is set up pretty much exactly like this forum so I feel at home. I got my LX-P coupe this month and have been enjoying driving this smooth little sensible car. I got the car new as a year end close out with 12 miles on the clock. It is a replacement for my old daily driver which was a 2000 Eclipse with over 260,000 miles on the clock. It's transmission gave up the ghost so it was time to retire it and move onto something better and newer. This Civic is the first car I have owned in 20 years which is not a manual transmission. It also represents the first new car I have bought which is not made by the Ford Motor Company.

When I was shopping for the new car to replace my Eclipse I did not even consider a comparable Ford. I did however look at the VW Jetta or Gulf. I weighed my options and the Honda won hands down. The mpg, price, features, and Honda reliability were the winning factors in my Honda purchase.

So far in my 19 days of ownership the car has been great to drive. Its good on gas, plenty of comfort, and easy to drive. I am pleasantly surprised by the CVT transmission. I'm used to manual cars and have driven many conventional automatics. The CVT is very smooth. There is no down gearing lag you get with a conventional auto. Passing you mash the gas the RPM of the silky smooth 2.0L goes up and it gets you up to speed and around the offending driver rather quickly without the fuss of changing gears.

The only gripe so far that I have with the car is the hood seems badly adjusted. It has a grand canyon size gap between the hood and the drivers side fender and a very narrow size gap on the passengers side. Its not even at all. I am wondering if the dealership will fix that under warranty?

Hope to getting to know the 10th gen Civic community and learning some useful things about these great little cars.
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Nice! Post some pics when you can. I'm still waiting on my Rallye Red Hatchback Sport. It should be here in February.
By all means the misalignment of your hood is definitely under warranty. Go back to the dealer and they will fix it. It is an easy fix at that! Good luck with your new car. I love my Touring 4dr.!
Welcome to the forum.Post some pictures when you can.
A teaser.... I will add more pics of the car once I have washed it and its not raining. Its been raining for the last month here where I live in CA.


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