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New to Honda, 51 yr old Civic Lx, Loves it!

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Hi Everyone,
I'm just checking in here and figure I'll be doing a lot of reading here. I have been reading a lot and want to post a little too. Having car problems and poor gas mileage issues I decided to go with a small fuel efficient car. Not my normal type of car but I'm loving it so far. Always had Suv type vehicles and then got a large used pick up for towing my sailboat and find a result of 10.5 miles/gallon around home. Yikes. I followed the blog online of the courier who put a million miles on his Civic. Well, I do about 12k a year and guessed a Civic would be fine. I am over 50 and choose the Lx for a low price and to be easier to work on. This car is my second new car and never felt so strong for any other vehicle ever. The 2.0/Cvt logs highway mileage over 2 road trips around 41 mpg! An easy 34mpg around my home. I'll save $1500 in gas over the pickup. She just turned 6k miles since June 25th. I live in eastern Pa and have traveled to mid Ohio - Lake Erie to go sailing and to the Hudson River Ny. I leased this Civic and find I want to drive it more than I should. 12k is the limit per year on the lease so I'm finding I will have to hold myself back. I've been putting money in the bank each month for me to buy the car at the end of the lease. I tend to get attached! Off to the auto store I went and came home with a bag of detailing wax towels and car wash soap! (never did this before). I do have a garage and don't drive it in the snow but spend a lot of time cleaning and detailing it. Great car and I have been loving this 10th gen site! I'll see you around I'm sure!
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