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This thread can serve both as a 'how to' as well as a 'how would it look like?' thread

Was never fond of the chrome pieces on the car from the start and the sun decided to come out and cooperate today with me.

VERY IMPORTANT! CLEAN THE CHROME PIECES!!! Plastidip along with any paint, should go on a clean surface. I used some glass cleaner on the chrome pieces with a microfiber cloth and it cleaned them very well.

*Materials I used:
2 cans of black plasti dip
bucket of warm/hot water
painters tape/old newspaper-ads

*if you are not familiar with plasti-dip, it's basically a rubber based paint that you can apply and peel off when ever you need to IF you do it right. I did 5 coats on each piece which will give me the ability to peel the plasti-dip if I ever want to. Please read the instructions on the can or watch tutorials from Dipyourcar on youtube.

What I did first was put the plasti dip in the bucket of warm/hot water.

Although plasti-dip is peelable I didn't want to waste the product so I took the time to tape around the trim and chrome front piece. You also don't want to spend time cleaning up overspray.

What I like to do is put a layer of tape down first so I can be exact in my taping and then throw the tape with news paper in top. That way if I need to, I can reuse the newspaper and tape for other parts. Do what you're comfortable with or what you're use to doing.

Finished product.

*Tip* get familiar with taping and peeling the tape and when to peel the tape with dipyourcar videos on youtube.

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Thanks for posting this. I've wondered what the front end would look like without that chrome mustache capturing my gaze. Can really see the car now.

I'm thinking the Si will avoid that chrome. Sure hope so.

And I sure prefer the level of (non) gloss you used.
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