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Hi, I'm the latest FNG until the next one shows up.
I'm a Soul Man currently, but I've been looking for Forte5 SX (1.6t, 201 HP) for a few months now and they're quite rare in my neck of the woods.
I decided to stretch my search, I tried out an Elantra Eco (1.4t, 7 DCT, 128 HP), Mazda3, Golf, and I met a friend over at the local Honda emporium when his Accord was in the medical clinic for a hanging caliper. We talked to his sales guy and I test drove a sedan and hatch. They drive the same, but holy moly this car do run. The only thing comparable is the Forte5 SX, everything else is like yesterdays' peanut butter sammich left out overnight after driving the Civic 1.5t.
And the CVT, it is definitely the best trannie I've sampled so far. Instant response. No waiting a second for the trannie to kick down. Cool.
So I'm down to a (probably) hatch EX CVT or an F5, the nearest one being 100 miles away.
Funny thing is, at the Soul site the guys are complaining about the 2017 Soul ! which has the 1.6t + 7DCT but KIA loads it up with mandatory option packages and the Civic is thousands less for similar performance.
The beat goes on. I need to finish this. Search.
Glad to be here. I'll try to get up to merging speed.
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