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Omw to get my 10 gen now!

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On my way to get my 10 gen as I'm typing this in St.Cloud mn! Couldn't be more excited. Have a 2012 crz right now (going to be bitter sweet to get ride of him). Getting white with black interior :) pretty jacked! Here is the pic of it!! (Don't mind the snow...)


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Thanks!!! I'm pretty jacked! Was being jetted around a ton my the dealership in my home area (by like 100$ more when I have bought my last 3 cars from them and my fiance works for them as a tech.... so worth the drive) am sad to see my little crz go but hoping I will fall just as in love. Got a bunch of stuff for xmas for it on order too! Weathertechs, charging mat, clear bra, and hoping to do tint right away too :)
I actually feel your excitement. It's a very cool car. The white looks so good, especially with black interior! You'll love your new car. I traded in my 2002 Passat with 206,000 miles. I ,too, was worried I wouldn't love my new Touring like I loved my VW. So far I do ( no disrespect intended). I miss my Passat but it was time. Each morning, I look forward to waking up and going for a pleasure ride and learning the technology of the car. I am learning and the more I do the more I'm really liking my new Honda! It's so quiet and smooth.
Congratulations to you. Look forward to hear your impressions.
That is great. Good to see another minnesotan in the forum
Congrats! Enjoy!! :D
Congrats on the new civic! Maybe the dealership can throw in rust proofing since it's winter already.
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