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Hey guys, this will be my first time buying a brand new car, planning to get lx with sensing.... the lowest quote i got so far is 24,650 out the door price...
what do you guys think about it? Can I still lower the price down?
Any input will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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$24K Canadian beats what we can buy for in American dollars...
I found out that the import tariffs on Japanese cars (regardless of actual country of origin - for example, my Sport Hatch is built in England) is 12% here in the states, but only 6% by the Canadian government, so you guys save some dough.

The Sport Hatch in the USA isn't available with heated seats or the Honda Sense suite. It's roughly $22K USD.
The Sport Hatch in Canada comes with both heated seats and the Honda Sense suite. It's just over $25K Canadian... which is about $22K USD.

So... even though I live on the Canadian border (Buffalo, NY) I wasn't brave enough to gather the ETA and DOT documentation, and brave the border with a $650-ish tariff (not a bad premium overall to get all the extra goodies) and border inspection and lengthy stop for that documentation transfer.

I decided to lease the USA sport hatch for 3 years... and we'll see what options they offer in 2020!

But anyway, my point...
You have great pricing on Hondas in Canada to begin with.
I'd Google what the Canadian invoice prices are - that's your benchmark. You should at least get that price.
To me though, $24,650 CAD sounds like less than $22K USD to me, and that's less than what the Sport Hatch is here (although invoice on that is really $21,500ish). It's maybe not your best benchmark though - so Google that invoice price!
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