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Our Review of the new 2017 1.5T Manual Transmission Civic!

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Our newest shop car, a 2017 Aegean Blue Civic 1.5T 6 Speed, is already proving to be a ton of fun. The power in the non-Si model is amazing, and Stu recently did a video review of the car in 100% stock form (well, with 91 octane in the tank).

He also reflashed the ECU with a FlashPro Stage 2 (+6 PSI) tune and tested it out at a local autocross event. With the added 23 horsepower and 50 lb-ft of torque, this car is a beast!

FlashPro product link for more info: http://www.procivic.com/pages-product_car_part_info/product-1131/index.html

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Would be nice to see the hatchbacks time on this course, it's way stiffer than the sedan but the stock tires still suck.
Here's a short acceleration test between our 9th Gen and 10th Gen shop cars. Keep in mind the 2014 9th Gen Si has a cold air intake, exhaust, big bore throttle body and spacer, and a custom tune (91 octane). Based on our dyno tests, we are guessing it puts about about 230 hp at the flywheel. The 10th Gen EX-T only has the FlashPro Stage 2 (+6 PSI) tune and 91 octane.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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