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Owner of LX Sedan 6-speed

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Hi all, I'm a long time Honda owner, started with a 99 cx hatch that I drove for 15 years then sold for $3000.00 and bought a 2011 Ridgeline EXL that I drove for two years. I just traded the RL for a 2016 Civic LX 6-speed. Loved the RL but the dealer loved it more, they gave me the Civic, winter tires&rims, 6 year 120000km warranty and $750 cash.A deal I couldn't pass up on even though I will be trading the LX for hatch sport when they come out. I'm up $2500.00 on the last trade so it wont hurt so bad when I take a loss on the LX.
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3k is a nice price for a 99 hatch ! But congrats on the purchase and welcome to the forums !! Post some pictures !
Moved from a Ridgeline EXL to a Civic? You must be loving the fuel economy on your new ride.

Congrats on the new civic!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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