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hi everyone. im dave and a new member and in need of some help.

2017 honda civic 1.5l 32,000mi

we are very good at repairing all our own things but this one has got us stuck

120 miles after front end collision got p2097. It was a direct hit to the lower left and side of the car if looking at it. It took out the fog light. The plastic cover. Broke the intercooler pipe and radiator damaging the coolant temp sensor and plug. After lots of google did not find much information besides 101 different part/sensor possibilities that could cause the code from all over the car. my girlfriend is currently googling how the ac condenser could cause the code. On forums found people with similar issues that took honda engineers to figure out. So we tried checking the intercooler pipe gaskets for proper installation. Checked flanged ends to proper connection. Looked for potential blockage in piping. Couldnt look to well into turbo but stuck fingers in to check about 3 inches. Checked engine air intake for blockage. Through google searching found possibilites that the wire harness leading from cts sensor to pcm/ecm could have a short that could throw the o2 sensor. Tested voltage and found 5 volts at plug.

this accident was very low speed. The civic hot a car with tow hitch with a back rack. Was a perfect isolated hit to the civic. I keep wanting to believe this should be simple
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