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P2623 Injector Control Pressure Regulator Circuit/Open on Honda Civic 1.5L Turbo

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Just took son's car out of storage and was test driving it after I did oil change and new tires. The car was running fine then it went into limp mode. It is a 2016 Honda Civic Coupe 1.5 L Turbo with 80,000km on it. While driving the car the CEL plus every other warning in the centre info section below the speedometer came on and it went into limp mode, drove home slowly and could not go faster than 50km/h. Put code reader on and pulled P2623 error code (injector control pressure regulator circuit/open). Cleared the code and tried to test drive it and once again if the engine revs above 2000 rpm it goes into limp mode again. Hard to find information on this. I will check all the connections again, I am looking at the wiring to see if a critter got anything and I tested all fuses and all good. On the end of the injector fuel rail there is a sensor? Not sure what that is or if it can be replaced, there is a wire plugged into this? From Honda schematics it shows a pressure regulator on the fuel pump which is in the tank on this Gen of Honda Civic. I'm in a rural area on northern Ontario and needs some help so dealer is not close (2hour drive). I can fix it, just need some insight. Attached a few photos, first one is the switch on end of injector, second error code and third is where the pressure regulator in tank. Any help would be appreciated.


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