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Factory suspension systems are generally a compromise between ride comfort and handling and may not provide the level of performance you want. The addition of the aftermarket suspension kit can improve a vehicle’s stance without affecting the ride quality, and dramatically handling, braking, and control that you can feel. If that's what you're looking for, Godspeed Project suspension products would be your best choice!

This brand offers a huge amount of suspension parts for car modding enthusiasts, racecar owners and regular car owners who want something more than a factory can offer. Godspeed Project coilovers feature a mono-tube design which provides good performance and reliability. You can easily adjust the ride height and damper settings to fine-tune your Honda Civic the way you want it to ride and how low you want it to sit. This allows you to get a ride height that works for the streets while also being able to change the settings for track days and high performance driving events.

Godspeed Project® - Traction-S Coil Springs

Godspeed Project® - Mono-SS™ Front and Rear Coilover Kit

Godspeed Project® - Mono-RS™ Front and Rear Coilover Kit

Godspeed Project® - Mono MAXX™ Front and Rear Coilover Kit

Have a peek here for more Godspeed Project Parts.

Go low without compromising on the ride handling and performance with Godspeed Project suspension parts!​
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