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PRL Cobra intaake

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Hi everyone. With used car prices through the roof I couldn't resist no selling my 2019 Civic SI to Vroom. they are paying me close to $27k for a car I bought 2 years ago for $25,500. Crazy!!!. With that said I am selling everything I was able to remove before selling the car. email me if interested [email protected]

PRL cobra intake (street) ...$250
husky all weather mats + trunk mat. $125
Siri moto strut bar $60
Siri moto sway bar endlinks $50 - new unopen
Engine cover $40
Mugen shift knob $5
front and rear dash covers (you will need to buy the velcro to attach) $50
Front seat cover (vehicle specific but not OEM) $100
Tire valve covers with SI logo $5
rear reflector brake lights sequential $15 new unopen
OEM center cap (black and white) $40
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