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Problem syncing Android phonebook

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My problem: only a few entries in my Galaxy S4’s phonebook sync to my Honda Civic Touring.

When I first paired the S4 after getting the car, everything went well: all the phonebook entries synced without a hitch.

Then a couple of months ago only about ten phone numbers synced, and it’s been that way ever since.

Trying to solve the problem, I at first disconnected and repeated the syncing process but got the same result. I turned off the phone, turned it back on and repeated the process. Same result.

I unpaired the phone and turned it off. I then deleted it from the car’s memory. After turning on the phone, I paired it with the Civic. Same result: only about ten entries transferred.

These ten entries are always the same, but they don’t seem to share anything which distinguishes them from the rest of the entries. The entries which don’t transfer – almost my entire phonebook – don’t appear to share any special characteristics either. The car's choice of the ten entries, while consistent, seems entirely random.

I’m at a loss to know why, at one point, all entries transferred, while now only a handful do.

Does anyone have a suggestion about how to fix this? Thanks in advance.
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Really have not idea why only a few contacts are going through. Does your phone need to be updated to the latest software?
Thanks for the reply. Perhaps the phone does have to be updated. Looking into this.
Not sure if the same applies to the new civic but I think a similar problem was found in the last civic model. Someone moved their contacts from the sim card to the phone's memory and put the numbers in groups like family, colleague, etc and no number was ungrouped. Not sure if this would work for the 10th gen civic.
Updated phone, but still having the same problem. I did read something in another forum along the lines of what you're suggesting re SIM card and phone memory, and groups. Worth trying. Again, thanks.
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