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Problem with phone in car

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Bought my Aegean Blue EX-L coupe a week ago, and I love the car. So far my biggest gripe is the space to put your cell phone. I have an iphone 6+ and with it plugged in there just inst enough space without the cord bending at a tight angle due to the size of the space there is for the phone. Anyone else notice this, and what solution did you come up with.

If this is the only gripe I ever have with this car, I am way ahead of the game.
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Welcome to the forum and congrats on the new civic! Not sure if you can do much besides getting a smaller phone. All I can suggest is to stick it in the cup holder.
Not Sure If the Will work in your situation. But in my Lx I have an Air Vent Cell Phone Mount for my android. I Like it their for navigation and phone/music control, and I can still plug it in.
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