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Proud new owner! 2017 Civic Touring Coupe-Modern Steel

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This is my fourth new Honda!
First was a 2006 Honda Civic Coupe EX
Second was a 2011 Honda CR-Z
Third was a 2012 Honda Civic Coupe Si
and now...
2017 Honda Civic Coupe Touring in Modern Steel!
Glad to be here!


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Wow do you still have all of them or have you just upgraded over time?
Just upgraded :) Everyone at my job says I take the depreciation for all used car buyers. Someone has to, huh?
Being single with a good job helps ;)
Welcome! How did you like the CR-Z. I'd like to get one as a play car.
Loved it! Had the manual trans. It was such a great driving car. I think the way the weight was arranged for the batteries that it gave it a low center of gravity. The only beef I had with it was that when the outside temp got too high or too low it would go into "reduced power mode" and all you had was the small engine giving power. It seemed to have a narrow temperature range at which it operated normally. Maybe they improved it with later models.
You couldn't stop the thing in the snow! :)
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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