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Purchased my first car this week and need advice!

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Hey everyone,

This week I purchased my first car ( I have owned 2 cheap beaters and 1 motorcycle but nothing worth taking great care of... minus the Harley haha ).

I purchased a 2016 *** Honda Civic Touring..... at the dealer i initially accepted the dealership sealant ( Simoniz Glass coat) but when i got home i did some math and reasearch as would end up paying around 1,000 for the coating... so i quickly canceled the purchase as the car was still not delivered to the dealership and re-signed for no coating.

Now i really want to coat my car as after only 100 miles of driving, it has a small pencil tip sized chip in the pain on the front bumper on the driver side a few inches above the Honda Sensing pocket ( near the fog light)...... This is really bugging me as i can see the black plastic thats behind the paint... sure its only the size of a pepper flake but its only 100 miles old!

So this is where i stand.....

I have about $1,200 that Im able to spend this year on car maint. and since its new, the main reason to spend money would be visual upkeep such as washing and touch ups so i have been looking into xpel and Opticoat pro+ ... the other option would be weekly washing ( roughly 500-600$ a year) plus bi or tri monthly waxing with 2 deep detailings which would end up being around 700-800$
obviously cheaper if i wash at home but i may not have access to a hose so it may be my only option to go to automatic washes most of the time ( ALLWAYS touch-less)

So what would be your opinions on paint protection and top 3 tips for a new civic owner?

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