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Purchased my 2018 civic hatchback ex-l new in oct of 2017. At first nothing seemed wrong. It was about a month later when I started having connection issues with my iPhone. I would have to reconnect my iPhone several times before it would be detected. On occasion while using my device during a phone call, the other party would hang up and I would be left in call and could not hang up. I would have to correct this by restarting the vehicle. Then the worst of my problems began when I decided I wanted to program stations into the radio. I would often find my stations all deleted and I would reprogram them. This would happen often and I eventually gave up listening to the radio. Sometimes the preset buttons would not match the stations it was set to. So if I programmed 93.1 and clicked on it , the radio would bring up a random station. I tried tuning manually to 93.1 and reprogramming and this deleted all my stations. Such a pain!!! I just listen to my apple library now with connectivity issues. I have contacted Honda and they said they are unaware of any issues (haha) and to try to factory reset the radio. I did update the navigation software but that did not help anything. I guess I’ll wait for a patch or eventually upgrade to a nice audio system display from kenwood or pioneer. Something larger and more responsive and with a bloody knob! This system is painfully slow and adjusting the volume is just a pain.

My second issue was with my 4 brake rotors and calipers. I would like to note I had my vehicle coated in ceramic pro gold and an very good at maintaining the surface with various shine supply products to keep the coating slick and protected. About a few months in I noticed my rotors peeling and then rusting near the hat. The calipers began to fade and rust as well. The wheels are cleaned only with cool guy by shine supply very gently. Rotors and wheels are allowed to cool, sprayed with product, agitated with brush and then rinsed after 30 seconds or so. I asked Honda for a warranty repair since the rotors and calipers began to rust at 4000 miles. They said this was normal and would not do the repair. After a long battle they ended up sending me a 300 dollar gift card. I replaced my rotors with r1 concepts geomet carbon slotted rotors. They have not rusted as of yet. And they look much better. I suppose I will paint the calipers at some future date. What a pain Honda .
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