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"Rattling" noise upon start and around 1500 RPMs

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I have been hearing a rattling sound somewhat sporadically, but it seems to be happening more often. I have a 2016 EX-T, and I took it in to the dealer, but "they couldn't re-create the problem." I even drove it around with the mechanic and it wasn't making the noise, even though it was the entire drive to the dealer. It typically makes the sound around 1500 RPMs (give or take) and usually when I am very very lightly accelerating. I have also noticed that it happens sometimes when I turn the car on and it is just idling. Sometimes it is off-and-on and sometimes it can be constant for 2-3 minutes.

I have been able to catch it on video, and have recorded it with my phone, the sound is surprisingly very noticeable.

Does anyone have ideas on what could be causing this, or have you come across this problem also?

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Here are two videos of the noise on separate occasions:

Perhaps a heat shield or something ?? That's really odd
Just bought a 16 Civic LX 2.0 on Saturday, July 2nd for my niece who is 17. Test Drive went great, loved the car and thought it'd be perfect for her! She's about to go to college. I've had 7 Civics in the past and 13 or so Hondas. I'm a Honda Fan, even though I currently drive a Lexus. We Signed the paperwork, they detailed the car, and we were on the way home about 2 hours later. I noticed a rattle that sounded like a heat shield or something loose under the car. The noise wasn't there during the test drive. Noise primarily appeared when leaving from a dead stop and eased off as I got up to speed. Today it has turned into extreme vibration and my niece brought the car to my work so I could listen to it. It was terrible shaking just idling in the parking lot! I called the Honda Service Department and explained the Sound. They said bring it in, so my niece run the car up there. Turns out this 2016 Civic LX 2.0 has a bad/ broken motor mount. They ordered a new one today and will call when it comes in so we can schedule install. Just wanted to make y'all aware of this issue incase someone else is experiencing something similar. First problem with a Honda ever, but maybe it'll be a quick and complete fix...
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I was definitely hoping it wasn't something like a motor mount but man, thanks for sharing. The motor mount theoretically should be a quick fix, in and out. That's interesting as to it going bad so darn quickly though.
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I think that depends on the motor mount, some are mounted in area's that aren't as easy to get to, so hopefully it's one in an easy open area. Too bad at this point we don't have any diagrams or anything showing where it will be. Have to wait for a leak.
Motor mounts on the civic has always been of easy access, hopefully they haven't changed that.
My Salesman called earlier today totally unaware of the Bad Broken motor mount/ rattling shaking ordeal. He asked how things were going and if we were happy with car...? I said WELL..... I told him about the issue and that they had ordered and planned installing new motor mount ASAP. He apologized. He is trying to get us a loaner and said he "might" have us a loaner CR-V tomorrow for my niece to drive. We'll see how that goes...
Well.. lets hope for the best, I mean that's the least they could do right ?!
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If your civic was rattling and the same is happening with manders2 civic, could the broken motor mount be a widespread problem?
It's definitely a possibility. Hopefully if any owners on here have experienced this they could chime in and we can see how common this is. Maybe even compare mileage as to when it started and go from there
I was wondering the same thing about it being a widespread problem... Mine started off as a rattle, but I guess after the motor mount totally broke it turned into terrible vibration... even if the car was just idling. I finally got a loaner CR-V today and was told the car would be fixed and ready late on Tuesday, July 12th ... My niece is happy with the CR-V for now.
Once she's happy with it. It just sucks to have that inconvenience.. On the bright side, I guess you have brand new motor mounts ?
@manders2 was your rattling caused by a broken motor mount too?
I'm not sure yet, I'm working with the dealer on a time to bring it back in and *hope* that it will be doing it when I do take it in. It's just my luck that it wont do it that time, but it has been doing it every other time I have turned the car on for the past few weeks.

I'll definitely update whenever I have more information on this.
You can show them the rattling videos you've already recorded if the rattling doesn't show up when you bring your civic to the dealership.
Still weird to me that motor mounts are already going on a brand new car. Which has me thinking about the construction of those motor mounts, the design, material, etc. Maybe owners of other new Honda's are experience this as well?
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I'm curious to see if the motor mount replacement resolves this. If you have Honda Sensing, I would suspect it's one of the servos for that system.
My car does have Honda Sensing
It's just my luck that it wont do it that time, but it has been doing it every other time I have turned the car on for the past few weeks.
Don't ya hate when that happens ? I've had that happen to me more times than I could count. The noise or problem totally goes away when you take it to a mechanic. You must have luck like me. None. If anything has to be left to luck, I'm screwed :)
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