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Rear wing spoiler cant be installed on touring

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Hi, I have a 2016 Civic turbo touring on MSM colour and bought the civic sedan rear wing spoiler1 when we got the car. I looked online for pictures on touring with MSM but cant find any only the honda website but I decided to get it. So they said to bring the car in that the spoiler has arrived and it takes about 2 hours to install and the light on the spoiler does work its not just cosmetic like i read and the salesman also said its just cosmetic. I came back after 2 hours to my surprised that its not installed. They said that there are lots of holes on the trunk from the lip spoiler and so they need to send it to a body shop to cover up the holes and repaint it. I told them I dont want to pay any extra and that is the dealership fault for not knowing that. The manager in the service dept. agreed and he will give us a honda fit courtesy car and he will talk to the manager in the sales and they should be covering the cost. I wanted to take a look at what it looked like with the spoiler on maybe it did not look good and i could just get a refund so we tried it and it did look good :)

He said he will call me when he has a courtesy car available and body shop ready to take my car about next week.

I also got the civic illuminated interior door sill trim, it looks good too.

It took me 1 week to decide on the colour first choice was MSM then went to black and they called 2 days later saying black will be in on March 24th. So i told them to give me another $300 discount on the MSM and they did. I am happy with the colour i think it looks better than the black, i don't regret not getting the black.

Here in Vancouver, BC canada. I got $627 discount all together.

il post pics once i get the spoiler installed a before and after pic so everyone can decided if they want the spoiler or not.

Also i think the sales department will now be charging extra for anyone who wants to add the spoiler1 accessories on the touring model.
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Can't wait to see pictures of your spoiler! Maybe even lit up when you press on the brake.
Yes me too, Sure I will take pics and video and upload it on youtube so you can see.
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Wait, the sales department is now charging for the installation when they didn't before? What changed?
I think its fair enough that they're charging, you have to pay to play. It does take some time line it up, drill holes, etc, probably an hour long job with about 2 people at it i'm guessing.
yes they always did charge for the spoiler installation at $150 cdn dollars here, but on the touring its a little complicated because the service department can not cover up the holes on the touring so they will need to send it to the body shop and cover it and paint it so they said they will probably be charging a little extra in the future for that particular spoiler on the touring. Someone has to pay the body shop for their job so the dealership will have to pay for it for this time. I dont know how much extra they will charge. But for other models not the touring there are no holes on the trunk but im not sure about that i could be wrong.
Curious to see the pictures and also wondering whether you believe the extra expense was worth it.
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