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Release Date? (Beating Dead Horse)

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im probably beating a dead horse but I'll ask anyway.

Anyone have a clue when they think the new X gen Si will be available to purchase in the U.S.?

I've spoken to two dealerships in my area. Both have said they have build sheets with a tons of new Civics on the order. The "G" inventory number is supposedly the 2016 and the "F" is supposedly the 2015. Might have that backwards. Anyway, why would they be still building 2015's when the 2016's are close to release? Just curious. TBH, I'm betting the base and EX trims come first then the Si will come and be impossible to get unless you preorder. Time will tell!
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According to every study done the younger generations are getting less and less concerned with how their cars drive and more the tech the car includes (infotainment, touch screens, etc). Most of the younger generation can't be bothered to know anything about their cars, if they can even afford to have one. But, enthusiasts will always be around, even as a small demographic, there will always be car enthusiasts for the automakers to (hopefully) continue to cater to.
so true
they look at the options the car has
not which engine or how it drives
a bit sad imo
gonna remember that line mate!
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