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Reliability Issues?

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Hi, I need some honest opinions from people who own(ed) a 10th gen Civic as I am considering buying one second hand. I would go for a 2017-2019 1.5 petrol, manual gearbox.
I always thought that Hondas are very reliable cars but just at a first glance on the forums I see some complaints about serious issues (timing chains failure, transmission issues) and others not as serious but still worrying (air con not blowing cold air, all kinds of rattles at the inside and poorly assembled cabin etc).
Has the quality of the Civic went down with this 10th generation? I really like how the car looks and it seems practical as well but I am afraid of running costs. I currently own a 3.0L BMW so I am not unfamiliar with reliability issues but I hoped that a Civic would offer some relief.

Please help me with some honest advice!

Many thanks
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Honestly for the year I've owned my 10th gen si its been nothing but reliable. Also ive been running a custom tune with fbo for about 13k miles and ive noticed no issues
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