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Remote start issue

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I have a 2016 Civic Coupe EX-L, it's a little less than a week old. The remote start worked fine until yesterday. Now it doesn't work at all. Everything else seems fine.

Anyone else had this problem ?

Any ideas on what it could be ?
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I have same issue it works when it wants too i also have another issue my gas spills out when i fill her up
I think for me it's just simple user error. I found that if I hold the lock button too long the remote start doesn't work. It seems it's ok to let off the button after the LED blinks a second time. If I do that the remote start has worked every time.

I've only put gas in it once so far, and I didn't have any issues with that. I hope you get that figured out.
Thanks i hope i figure it out too
Did you figure it out? I just picked up a 2016 EX-T and the remote start seems to be working intermittently and mostly after I start the car up then shut down and then try the remote starter. If I leave the car for 30 min and longer the remote starter don't work up until I start the car up and reset remote start settings. Also have an intermittent "lock on walk away". Sometimes it locks and sometimes it does not.
I also have the same problem with remote start, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't . I own a 2016 EXT coupe with 465 miles on it, I bought it in May. It's my first Honda, second Japanese car. I had issues with car and dealer, but all in all its a fun car to drive. I just noticed that it's only a three speed automatic, I wounder why Honda only went with a 3sp.? It reminds me of the cars when I first started to drive that only came with 3sp. Locally if the computer is right I am only getting 11.5 mpg. How many mpg is everybody else getting?
how do you figure it's a 3 speed tranny?

it's a CVT transmission - you don't have any specific number of gears/speeds. if you only have driven 465 miles since May, you aren't giving it a chance to warm up before shutting it down. your mileage will suffer. short, cold trips ruin mileage and i presume can't be good for the turbo over a long period of time.
I live in a very cold part of the Northeast and my fuel economy has been slowly dropping in this cold weather. I was originally up to around 37-8 mpg but have dropped down to 25. I assume the idle time when remote starting is figuring into that number some ?
The remote start is very touchy for me. If I wait until the start button blinks twice, it won't start. I have to press the lock button and the start button right after it and it can only blink once for each for me.
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