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Hello Folks,
Started to replace rear rotors and pads on my 2018 civic tonight. Drivers side, image below.
Using scanner, I set the EPB to replacement mode and could here the piston wind in. I was able to remove the caliber, old pads and rotor without to much difficulty.
Replaced the rotor, back bracket and both pads, going very well..... I could then see I needed to wind in the piston (using Tool I purchased) to allow more clearance for the piston to slide over the inner brake pad, about 1/8" max.

Here's where I failed, I was unable to wind the piston in with the Square pin tool, seemed super tight. I used the scanner again (foxwell) to verify the piston was fully retracted into the cylinder. Didn't appear to gain anything by doing this again, I then thought I would move the piston to it's normal home then retract again, Piston came out very far and now will not retract.
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Per Honda, Do Not use clamp to compress piston.

Does anyone have any experience here with the rear Electronic Parking Brake and getting the piston to retract? 62,000K on the civic.

Regards and TIA
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