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Request for any Touring owners

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Would someone mind posting a picture of the center channel from above in bright daylight so you can see below the grill? I know the speaker is 80mm, but the grill looks pretty big and I'm hoping to be able to see if it'll be possible to fit a 100mm mid and 25mm tweeter under there.

I know I could be patient and just wait for a local dealer to get one then go check myself, but, well, I am impatient :)
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Well, I answered my own question on a test drive today. There's definitely plenty of space around the mid in the grill. Pics attached for anyone else who is curious on this.

A flimsy piece of plastic is a pretty bad mounting baffle for a midrange speaker. But since the grill is just a pressure-fit, it'd probably be pretty easy to make your own grill to go in there. And there's a decent amount of space under the grill, although not real deep. I wish I'd had something to measure with.

As expected, the 450W sound system sounds pretty crappy. Not as bad as what's in my 2015 Accord, but definitely not good enough to not upgrade.


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