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Rough Idle

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Hey everyone, I have a 2016 Civic EX-L. I'm seeing the tachometer bounce quickly between 600-700 RPMs during idle, which seems to be in sync with a ticking noise from the engine. Is this normal? Thinking of bringing it back to the dealer.
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mine does a small bounce at warm up idle also. I'm going to wait until the car is broken in, and then try a battery reset. if that doesn't work I may go to the dealer.
So you only see it in cold temps while you're warming up the car? That's odd, don't think that's supposed to happen.
I have the EX and it does it slightly as well. My 2010 Civic was much worse. If the heat/ AC/ or vent was not on and it was in gear. I would sometimes think it was close to a stall. Did the battery reset, no luck. Guessing its a Civic flaw.
I wouldn't say mine is close to stall, nor does it seem to only happen in the cold. It's really just a slight fluctuation, maybe of 50-100 RPMs tops, but coincides the the ticking of the engine. Talked to the dealer and saw the same thing on another sedan, he explained it as the 450 PSI running through the engine from the turbo, causing a slight vibration.
How to fix Engine Idle issue.

Air filter (gets clogged easily due to oily filter, Clean Air intact valve sensor (Canadian tire has mass air flow system sensor cleaner)
Use good gas station. use injector cleaner. change engine oil on time. Try disconnect battery and reconnect to boot the computer. Hope fully will help. It worked on mine Touring CIVIC Turbo 2016.
Low Engine Idle Solution:

Issue: Low engine idle (most observed in hot weather, it comes and goes) car vibrates rough idle at 600rpm. CVT rough response and car jerks very little during RUN and STOP.
(NOTE: The best rpm are 800rpm or 900rpm)
(This is the issue in my 2016 Honda Civic Touring TURBO 1.5Liter)

I fixed it by following the solution i have found. It works for me, hope for you gys too.


1. Press the button FRONT defrost inside the weather control switch. The Low engine idle e.g. 600 rpm will become immediately 800-850rpm. Engine power will be constant and CVT transmission will response immediately. works 100% till you have FRONT weather Defrost button ON.

2. Press ON the AUTO = Auto control weather and SYNC = Synchronize control weather buttons. The Low engine idle e.g. 600 rpm will become immediately 800rpm. Engine power will be good and CVT transmission will response good. Works 95% till both buttons are ON.

- It looks there is a connection between some of the power functions with engine & CVT power. If you go to dealer they will not fix it. they will play with you and try to get money out of you, that problems of spark plug, filter, injector, software, carburetor, bad gas, timing belt etc. etc.

- Request: Some one please write to Honda engineers or the CEO of Honda company to fix properly.
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