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S.E.S 500 series module allow to turn ON FOG lights along with DRL automatically soon as you release the parking brake. This module came in different versions.

High beams feature.

This feature allows to keep the FOG lights ON when you turn High beams , from the switch stalker or using the flash function. ( when you flash from the switch stalker it will turn ON HIGH beams and FOG lights.)

Side markers feature.

This feature allows to turn ON automatically side markers and tail lights when you release the parking brake or soon as DRL turn ON. ( Stalker switch all OFF)

Non switch version:

501 DRL/FOG lights + Side markers /non switch $95 US shipped
502 DRL/FOG lights/ high beams /non switch $105 US shipped
503 DRL/FOG lights/ high beams + Side Markers /non switch $115 US shipped

Switch version:
504 DRL/FOG lights + Side markers /Switch version $110 US shipped
505 DRL/FOG lights/ high beams / Switch version $120 US shipped
506 DRL/FOG lights/ high beams + Side Markers / Switch version $130 US

Shipped All the modules are plug and play.

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