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Save a car! Save a life! See the SECRET errors in your Civic!

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I've had to show multiple employees at my dealer how to see the errors in my 2016 Honda Civic.
That's when I realized that if the dealers don't know how to see the errors in their own product - how would customers?

I bet there's a ton of 2016 Civic customers out there driving around with errors, and they don't even know it.

So please, share this with everyone you know who has a 2016 Honda Civic!

Image at: http://hondacivicproblems.com/secretcivicerrors.jpg

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That's pretty crazy, thanks for posting. What other types of errors does it show ? Like for example ?
Thanks for the heads up! Some of us may not have known about this if you hadn't pointed it out for us. Is that actually your error screen?
Crazy that even dealers don't know this but I bet if you were to speak to some techs they will know. I noticed that some car makers actually have videos that takes you through things like this, to bad Honda doesn't do that, it would go a long way in helping just about everyone.
Check out my blog, it's chock full of errors: http://hondacivicproblems.com

I took this photo yesterday at the dealership AFTER they gave the car back to me saying the problems should be solved:

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Please help me out and repost this image on other sites to spread awareness of these errors.

And don't forget to check your own car!
I'm wondering if the system is just glitchy or if all those problems we're seeing on your blog are physical problems. Did you show the dealership your pictures after their fix?
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