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Hello everyone~
Need your helps here :D

I'm looking forward to purchase a new car within 3 months. My first was a 95 Integra 4dr. loved it, but got killed by rust (eastern canadian winter = rust). Than it's a Focus sedan and Mazda3 2.0 hatch slushbox ... all being somehow, loud on highway.

Initially I was aiming for the 10th civic hatch, but since launch of the sedan, my love for its 3/4 back grow fast ... and if the hatchback can't come out by the end of jan 2016, I might just go for a normal trunk.

But when doing some search, I land on an 2014 Accord Coupe EX-L manual, ex-demo with 6k km on the clock and dealer asked 23500$ (while EX-T is 25k CAD, EX 2.0 is 22.6K web price)

So, what you guys thinks about these three engines? (2.0, 1.5T and 2.4)
almost 2 years old "demo" car with 6k km...probably manager's daily driver? should I avoid it?
and finally, space and mpg. if someone here have/had the Accord coupe, how would you compare the two? (quietness, tech gadget, etc.)
Or wait for the hatch (for its "usefulness")

I'll be doing 6h highway 1-2 times every month + city.
After owning an 95 Integra and 2010 mazda3 2.0. but also drove Mazda6 V6 on several occasions, really appreciate its smoothness and quieter ride.

Thank you for your advices~ :)
If you like techie things, go for the new Civic.
I just picked up a Red Touring model tonight for 23k, and I do not regret it, she's beautiful!! And I love the tech
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