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Sensitive Sensors ?

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Just read a long term test on the 2016 Honda Civic, and they were talking about how super sensitive the crash alert is. Also how extremely annoying because of the constant beeping in your ear and the flashing "BRAKE!" sign. Any of you experience this as well ?! Even at "crawling" speeds
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There's a setting for that. It changes considerably the number of spurious warnings we receive. I've never had it in the most sensitive setting. From the middle setting, I suspect where and how we drive the high sensitivity setting would generate a lot of spurious warnings.
Oh fail ... someone should have told them that lol ! Thanks for the info though
Even at the lowest sensitivity, I get erroneous warnings. Especially on bi-direction two lane roads. As another car approaches from the opposite direction, the system is quite concerned there is an approaching object I'm about to hit. Then it's like, "never mind"...
That would irritate the heck out of me. Is it only an audible warning or is there a visual as well ?
You see a brake sign and hat annoying beep sound. ON the bright side, at least everyone knows the sensors work but, they're a pita during bumper to bumper rush hour crawls.

Nothing really we can do about it since it's already set to the lowest sensitivity unless Honda comes out with an update to the system.
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