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Thanks for posting up the service bulletin! Maybe this will help with the Android Marshmallow Bluetooth problem.

In case someone can't get to the file, here's the gist of it. Also, it's affecting both the coupe and the civic sedan.

There is a problem with the audio unit software, which may lead to one or more of the following symptoms:
• Bluetooth® Audio skips.
• Audio icon does not work.
• GPS error code 1302 sets.
• Error message SXM check tuner appears.
• GPS initialization screen appears.
• Rear camera is stuck on in Park.
• Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink®
(HFL) pairing
• Rear camera does not display.
• There is no sound from Apple CarPlay™ after
connecting Bluetooth®
, then USB.
• System does not recognize “SXM” in voice
• Pandora® does not play after HFL call ends.
• Voice commands do not work.
• Android Auto™ will not play.

Update audio unit software using the audio-navigation system USB update device.

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Just got this done today. Bluetooth and android auto was basically useless and i called the dealer and was told about the update. Came in same day and we will see if it helps. So far so good.
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