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Shampooing Engine Bay

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Hi Everyone,

So I was looking at the engine bay, If I want to wash it, how should I do it? Do I just spray it down or are there certain electric parts that needs to be covered? Thanks in advance >:)

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I have always heard it is bad to wash engine on a newer car. When the engine in my 2015 Hyundai got a little dusty around 6000 miles (it looked about like your engine), I simply took a Swiffer duster to it and it looked like new again. If it is soiled still, you may can spray something on a cloth like some interior protectant and wipe it down, but not sure I would spray it with a lot of water.

Good luck!
Mix up a 6/1 mix of water and Woolite and mist it on a m/ f towel and wipe away. For more soiled areas spray the mix directly. If you want to dress it a bit and live in the US go to the Dollar Tree and get a bottle of their tire dressing and spray a m/f cloth and wipe away. Can also spray direct and wipe down. Dresses the black nicely.
I would say get something water based opposed to silicone. Majority of tire shines will attract more dust and grime and just get real dirty and its a pain to clean later on. Something like 303 aerospace protectant would be ideal to wipe it all down with.
Didn't know you could even wash the engine bay. Always thought it was generally fine since the hood is protecting it. Is there something I shouldn't spray with the woolite mix?
The Dollar Tree one is water based as are most creamy white colored ones.

One thing you will want to try on the black plastic parts is to apply tire shine gel to it. But first, depending on how thick it is, you'll have to dilute it. Then apply with a sponge, buff out with a microfiber cloth and before you know it, you'll have an engine bay that looks like a pro detailed it.
That's what we're here for ;)

Be sure to update us on how it goes !
Wow so many good ideas, Thanks everyone :D
Just make sure you follow up with that tip I gave, it's what the pros do, or at least with a product that brings a similar effect but not that many people want to spend money on some specialized product. At least with tire shine in this case it serves one major need and benefits another area of the car. No need to buy a product that will take individuals like us years to go through!
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