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Shock S in newly purchased 2017 Honda Civic Si

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Hey there,

I was just wondering if someone can tell me what to do. For better understanding, I am going to tell my purchase experience.
So I just recently purchased the Civic Si. The dealership had only one in the lot so being a serious buyer they wanted to keep my business. that said, they had the car already installed with Theft Patrol, Shock S and the car was treated with Cilajet.
I told them I am not interested in the accessories but the car. Long story short, I ended up getting the car with the preinstalled (theft patrol, and Shock S(?)) accessories. When I checked back with the salesperson and asked him about the Shock S, he stated: '...the Shock S was a dealership installed alarm we had on the car, if you purchased it would have been activated, if you did not buy it then it was not activated'. So my question to the forum: Do I have the Shock S still installed on the car? If so, How I can check it? How can it activate if can at all.
Appreciate if you guys can provide any input in this respect.
Thank you!
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i'd go back and ask the dealership to demonstrate the shock s feature. i'm guessing this is a shock sensor added to the factory system. you can test it...set the alarm, then try bouncing the car on one corner and see if the alarm is triggered.

and i believe most civics already come with a theft deterrent system. not sure what the theft patrol is...
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