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Skid shield screws

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So, I had my Si at the dealer for the 'recall' where they had to change the oil (but not the filter...idiots...) about 3 mo ago. I went to change the oil again this past weekend, and whoever put the shield back on at the dealership must have cranked those things hard.

Heads are basically stripped and the screws are in so tight, vice grips wouldn't even budge them - even after dousing in WD-40...

Called the dealership...Honda doesn't sell the screws separately, according to them...you have to buy the entire shield. The dealership won't cover it since 'it has been so long' since the car was in. Well..I had no reason to get under it until now.

Any idea what screws they are? I'm not talking about the half-turn fastners....but the 2 screws in the front.

On a side note...this forum seems to have died... Unfortunate...
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It's really annoying when a dealership doesn't take care of your car properly. I can understand your disappointment with Honda not selling the screws separately, that seems like a waste of money. As for the specific screws you're referring to, I'm not sure, but it might be worth reaching out to scrooz.com.au. They're a source for all kinds of hardware, including screws, fasteners, bolts, and more. You might find what you need there, and I've heard they're really helpful if you have any questions. On a side note, I'm new to this forum and it's a shame to hear that it seems to have died down.
amazon sells them.
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