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So I am incredibly stupid and smashed my 2016 Civic RS mirror/Car door.

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Dont know what I was thinking tonight driving home.

I reversed out of the multilevel car park and I forgot that there was a concrete wall over my shoulder in my blind spot. I reverse out to quickly and I scrape the door and the mirror breaks off. I Really hate myself right now.

Only had the car for a few months and I have already smashed it.
- The door closes but its not aligned correctly
- Mirror came completely off with plastic smashed to pieces. electronics still work, just plastic was smashed and mirror was hanging by the cable
- Large scratch on the door

Picture of the door (I put the mirror back on with duct tape. For a temporary fix)

What would the cheapest way out of this? Whats the best course of action and how much would it generally cost for the below options?
A - Replace mirror and repaint door
B - Replace Whole door/Mirror
C - Replace mirror alone and leave paint job as is

If anyone can suggest anything else that would be great



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I would say go insurance, and demand a OEM factory painted door. Hopefully you have an insurance company that has accident forgiveness (1 free accident without rate increase) The other option would be junk yard, again OEM color matched door at a fraction of the price. I dont think you will be happy with bodywork and paint and it wont be cheap.
I second that ya go the insurance route.If you have a good history of no accidents it might be worth it.
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Yea I have never claimed insurance before in my life so this will be the first claim I have done. Im going to call them tonight and see what can be done to get the whole door/mirror replaced. Really hope its not going to be more than $3000 :(
If you go through insurance you will only pay your deductible, it varies but most likely $250. The reason I say to demand OEM painted door or skin is because even if they can match the paint color at a body shop they will never match the texture of the rest of the car and in certain lighting it will stand out.
Im In australia, I had a read of my policy.

Standard excess is $650 and There is an age excess for drivers under 25 of $700. So around 1400 all up if I claim it with insurance. Ill have to get the whole door relaced at some point and It wont be cheaper doing it without getting my insurance company involved.

Just going to claim it on insurance.

Thanks guys
Darn, real sorry to see this happen man. Hope it all gets fixed properly at least.
Keep us posted on how the repair process goes and how insurance handles it. Hopefully the dealer/bodyshop handling it takes you through a smooth process. Not always does it work out, even with what we believe to be the most reputable places.

Too bad it couldn't buff right out :(
Sorry to hear about the door. You'll probably have to replace the mirror because the mounting points may have been damaged when it was ripped out. The dor they can probably buff it out and realign it so you won't need a new one.

Best to go to a trusted garage and see what they say you need.
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