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I have used this site along with CivicX forums for reference and insight over the years. I had no reason to post, so I have only recently created an account.

I have a KTuner V2 unlocked in box with all items that were provided with my original purchase. I originally purchased this KTuner approximately 6 months after purchasing a 2017 Civic Si Sedan. I used it for roughly 1.5 years and it provided all the enjoyment I had needed with the car. I had intention to do further upgrades but family life chose otherwise for me. I have since sold my car for a F-150 Crew Cab to accommodate a growing family and would like to sell the KTuner as I no longer have use for it.

I have attached pictures providing unit number, verification of it being unlocked and not bound to an ECU, and overall condition. I had this KTuner windshield mounted with a plastic adapted that I'm including with the KTuner, pictured. The rear bracket mounted to the unit with 3 screws is the only difference I have noticed with the units condition since I originally purchased it. Due to being windshield mounted and being located in south Louisiana, the bracket has had its paint fade from heat exposure. It can be removed and touched up easily.

I'm asking for $550 shipped anywhere in the U.S. If interested feel free to message me if you have any further questions or would like me to elaborate on anything in this post. This is the most cost effective upgrade for this type of vehicle, it was well worth the money and I hope to allow someone else the same excitement I had for a little cheaper of a price point.

Contact via PM or [email protected]


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