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My first 2 cars I bought cash from private sellers. I've never had to negotiate with a dealership before and I'd really like to get my next car $500+ under MSRP. If anyone could give me some tips or tell me what I should expect to pay it would be really appreciated.

Here is the exact car I want:
2016 Honda Civic EX-T (Rallye Red) - $22200
Destination and handling - $835
Wing spoiler - $399
Wheel locks - $56
Car cover - $230
Interior illumination - $125
Console illumination - $250
Total: $24095
Tax - $????
Fees - $????
Financing - $????

I live within an hour of around 7 or 8 honda dealerships. Problem is none of them have an EX-T in red... In fact there is only 1 within a 250 mile radius of my house. I would like to purchase the car in the next 2-8 weeks. Should I look into getting one ordered?

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Yeah, being able to threaten to go to a different dealership and buy the same car is key to negotiating on price, in my opinion. As mentioned, in this situation something like Truecar where you're given a locked price in advance might be your best hope of getting some discount.

Another option would be to bluff. Find another EX-T in any color, then go to the dealership that has the red one and pretend you're on the fence between red and the color of the other one. No need to let them know that red is really the only color you'd buy.

It's hard to say what you should pay since the car just came out. Once the car has been out for a while, I'd say a minimum of 10% off sticker, with 15+% being a good deal. But if you need something soon, that probably won't be possible.

Definitely don't pay those prices for those accessories if you're handy at all. Well, the wing install might be difficult. But for the rest, at least compare the prices to buying them from College Hills Honda and installing yourself. The $230 car cover is $170, the $56 wheel locks are $38, etc.
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