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Someone blacked out their tail lights...

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and i'm not liking it, but that's just me, don't let that discourage you from doing what this one owner (IG @marcusjenn) did. I will however be smoking my tail lights with a tint film, like in the examples below

Blacked Out:


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Be sure to read up on your state/local laws regarding light tint before you do it though!
Eww. When I see someone with blacked tail lights, I think of young kids who think they look cool. Plus, insurance may screw you if you get rear ended.
It's just funny to me when someone uses straight up black primer instead of a black tint.

I'm just wondering what the **** these people think their tailights are for, decoration? If you cover that **** with an opaque/light blocking paint you're asking to get your stupid ass slammed by one of the thousands of half asleep/visually impaired/texting/incompetent/etc etc drivers out there.

It just boggles the mind, the stupidity involved.

Whatever, I should calm down, lol.
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Well it doesn't just put the driver in danger, it also puts everyone else in danger as well.
Having said that, the taillights look really nice when they are black. If you can do it safely, more power to you.
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