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Sonic's Civic

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I'm really not too sure if this was posted or not. But I'm posting it.. the wrap is definitely intense, but who doesn't like Sonic ?!

Another thing is though, the car is lowered. Do you think it's just cut springs like the last lowered one was ?

From what I can see, that is the Injen exhaust on it as well... someone correct me if I'm wrong here

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You posted this a few minutes after me but mine didn't have the interior pictures. The thing is pretty ugly IMO expect for the darker shade of blue in the front.
Lol I just seen that, I apologize !! I was probably adding the pictures as you posted yours !

But you're right, it looks pretty horrible. It's just my love for Sonic from the good ol' days that really makes this bitter sweet. I had a picture posted of the trunk setup too but that seemed to have disappeared...

EDIT: Nvm, fixed original post.
I agree with that point about how ugly it is, but at least they got the theme done right and it all flows which is what matters in this instance.

If it was up to me though I would have done some subtle Sega cues to the design, but even then i wouldn't go that far, loved playing those games as a kid but don't love it enough take it this far.
I guess as a promotional car it really does catch your attention. So it's effective in that sense, rather than being a vehicle that you roam the streets with.

It's bound to attract a crowd at an event
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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