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Spare tire prices??

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Has anyone purchased a spare tire for their new civic yet? I have a 17 si sedan and experienced my first flat last week luckily it wasn't a complete blow out. Due to not having a spare but I would like to get one to have on hand in case of an emergency. Thanks in advance for your help.
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I have a 17 SI Coupe and purchased a spare wheel & tyre. following are the Honda part #s. Wheel=42700=TX4=A51 ($86.33), Tyre=42751-MAX-004 ($151.58) Adapter=74651-2SX-003 ($6.67) Hold Down Bolt= 74653-SDXl-003 ($4.88) Those are all list prices, I am sure you can do better. It fits down in the well but sticks up a bit higher so the trunk cover does not fit all the way down, no big thing for me. Worth it to have a spare.

Thanks a lot for this information I really appreciate it! Yeah i definitely agree!
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